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Wisaks Millennium


photo by Arne Josefsson

Born 1999-09-17

The 16 of Februari 2001 we brought our little Dio home. He is a chinese crested hair less. Dio needed a new home, and we gave that to him. This little fellow is an incredible cosy dog, who longing for company, loves candy and is very tired in the morning.

Soljäntas Wille Viderkisse
Chinetta´s Celine
China-Crest´s Las-Vegas
Soljäntas Ebba
Gandaki´s Gilmore
Physical Fascination Pricilla
Minskip Sae Sigyn
S, N uch Minskip Soo Li

S uch Egoiste Gipsy-King

Otellos Agnes Cecilia
S, N uch SV-95 Sunchi Simply Super of Zucci
Gandaki´s Gazelle
S uch Movalian Don Rusty Thomson
S, N uch Lionheart Kassiopeia


Kozlowski┬┤s Hold'Em


Born 2006-03-15

Flons Gaio Galliano
Proud Ponys Mermaid (PP)
S uch China Aster´s Flame of Hale Bopp
Flons Fatima
GB Int Nord N uch NordV-96 Shawcrest Alibaba
Int Nord uch NV-99-00 Lionheart Kindregards To Proud Pony
JEUW-96 JWW-96 KbhV-96 Nord uch Prefix Willy With The Wig
Dk Int S uch NordV-96 Tenderlove N'Care's Tummelisa
Flywheel´s Mr Armstrong
Villa Katrinelunds Snorkfröken
Shawcrest Mistabare Of Zucci
GB ch Shawcrest Sweet Sioux
S uch Movalian Don Rusty Thomson
S uch Jokima Jah Kita