Linda & Tomas Boväng

Tallbacksvägen 41
S-865 92 Alnö
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..:: Where we live ::..

We live about 400 km north of Stockholm, on an island called Alnö. Alnö is a 570 miljon years old vulcano island. The bedrock contains many unique minerals, the most famous is Alnöit.

The island is 6 km wide (on the widest part) and 15 km long. There lives about 8000 people here, but in the summer the total is twice as much, because it is a popular place on the summer.

About 400 meters from our house lies one of Alnös biggest and most popular beaches, Hartungviken.

Every year, the last weekend in August there is a "light-evening". Along the costline, also on Hartungviken, people light candles, it's a way of saying goodbye to the summer.

Some photos from the "light-evening" 2008 and 2009

The forest is our clostes neighbour. Every now and then we have deers and elks round our garden, sometimes even inside the fence. They are not the best friends to have when you have salukis. Sometimes we also see foxes, rabbits and capercallies in the garden.

For some years we have had bears on the island as well. Luckily we haven't seen/met them on our walks in the forest.


..:: About us ::..

We met in 1998, when we were 21 and 19 years old, the year after Tomas had moved to Alnö. At this time Tomas had a dachshund named Lisa. She lived with us for a while and then she moved to a friend of Tomas' mother.

Tomas works as a Service technician, working mostly with scales on lorries, tractors and dumpers. I am a teacher, working with children 6-13 years of age.

Besides our dogs, photography is a big interest. Almost everywhere we go we have the camera with us.

We photograph with:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II & Canon EOS 400D

Sigma DG Macro 50mm 1:2.8
Sigma DC 18-200mm 1:3.5-6.3
Canon EF 85mm f/1,8 USM
  Canon EF 70-300 4-5,6 IS USM is our photo site where we publish photos that we take

..:: Why saluki?::..

I was 11 years old when salukis came in to my life, it was when my father met Madeleine, the owner of kennel Yebelli´s. At this time we had two salukis at home, brother and sister, Yebelli´s Barzack and Yebelli´s Bischma. Bischma had one litter in 1993, and in that litter was Cham born, my first own saluki.

Chams sister Yebelli´s Chantie had two litters, in the second one, welped in 1998, our Emir was born. Emir didn't move to us until he was three years old, but I was his since he was born.....

Emir got his first litter before he moved to us. His second litter came the year after, and from that litter we choose Manne. Manne came to us in February 2003 when he was 7,5 months old.


After a trip to Switzerland in May 2007 our next saluki was born, Xafhir. In October the same year he came to Sweden. On this trip we met a person who has become one of our closest friends, the owner of Xafhirs mother and sister, Verena Welter.

Before we went to Switzerland we applyed to FCI for our kennel name XAFHIR. Zafir means Victorious in arabic, but we wanted a little twist so we spelled it with X insted of Z. (To say the least Xafhir has lived up to his name).

Our first Chinese Crested, Dio, was 1,5 years old when he moved to us. He was not happy where he lived before so we took care of him. In September 2009 he had his 10:th birthday. Texas, our second Chinese Crested, comes from of our close friends, Cilla and Lars, at kennel Kozlowski´s.


Our dogs are our family, they own the sofa and our bed. Sometimes it feels like we have to ask for permission to sit in the sofa, but that's just typical salukis, and infact our Chinese Crested also think they are salukis...

To be continued....... //Linda